More than 400,000 homes needed for east of England

MORE than 420,000 homes need to be built in the East of England over the next 10 years, to meet a housing shortage, BBC Politics East reports.

Across the country 145,000 affordable homes need to be built each year, but only about 48,000 are being built, says the National Housing Federation (NHF).

NHF head of policy Will Jeffwitz told the BBC: “The pandemic has shown how important it is to have a decent home.”

One proposal to meet the need is to create a new town in Cambridgeshire.
Mr Jeffwitz said it was vital more homes were built because “millions of people are living in homes that are either too cramped or poor quality or they can’t really afford to live in”.

In the East of England on average 34,994 homes are being built each year, but this falls short of the 42,666 homes per year the government says are needed.

Over the next 10 years, Essex will see the most new homes in the region, with government figures saying 111,360 homes should be built in the county.

Over that same period, 38,540 are earmarked for Cambridgeshire, which has a particular problem with provision of affordable accommodation.

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