Thurrock Conservative councillors urged to “do the right thing” over council tax hike

COUNCILLOR John Kent, Leader of Thurrock Labour Group, will be contacting every Thurrock Councillor in a bid to stop the Conservatives plans to increase Council Tax by 4.99% this year. 

In just four years the Conservatives have increased council tax by £216.

Thurrock Council’s ruling Conservative Group on Thurrock Council are now proposing a £76.41 increase this year.

Councillor John Kent said: 

“Senior Conservative Councillors have insisted for months that Thurrock Council’s finances are sound and there is no problem. Now they have suddenly changed their tune, and are using Covid-19 to justify yet another inflation busting council tax increase.

“While nobody could have foreseen this pandemic or its consequences.  Any effects Covid-19 may have had on the council finances has been completely overshadowed by the Conservatives reckless borrowing and general financial incompetence.

“If this increase goes ahead our Council Tax will have risen by a massive £292 or 21% since 2016, clearly Thurrock Conservatives instinct is to raise council tax – they’ve done it every year.

“We know growing numbers of local families are struggling to get by and more will do so as we emerge from the pandemic, the last thing they need is another Conservative council tax increase. Families need our help and support now more than ever. 

“That’s why at Wednesday’s evening Full Council meeting, Labour will invite Conservative Councillors to join with us to reject the proposed council tax increase and support our plan to freeze council tax. 

“I will be contacting every Thurrock Councillor asking them to support our proposal to freeze this year’s council tax.  

“It’s an opportunity for Conservative Councillors to do the right thing, I hope they take it”.

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