Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Grays councillors set to oppose ‘Unsustainable’ Clarence Road development

Cllrs Tony Fish, Martin Kerin and Jane Pothecary are fighting against an ‘unsustainable’ development on Clarence Road, Grays, which contains no additional parking. 

The three Grays Riverside councillors believe that any further development on Clarence Road that does not include additional parking should be rejected. 

In a joint statement to Your Thurrock, they said:

“The area is over developed already and parking causes real problems for local residents. The parking permit scheme has not solved this problem and there are far too few parking spaces in the area for use by existing residents. 

“The situation is currently unsustainable and adding two more properties to the mix, with no additional parking, will create even more of an issue. 

“In our experience, properties in this area of Grays often end up being leased in a multiple occupancy way with often a larger number of adults sharing the property than would be expected. Each flat has two bedrooms which is likely to mean four working adults per flat, each with a car or van. Adding eight more vehicles – plus visitors’ cars – will create an incredibly dangerous parking situation.”


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