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Blogpost-Mr Perrin is less than impressed with the Tory candidate for Ockendon

FROM Thursday, as part of our local election coverage, we will begin our overview’s of each ward in the borough.

They follow a usual format but the bottom line is that we make a prediction at the end, which we usually get wrong.

As you may know, South Ockendon resident, Mr Perrin has been blogging for us since he fought in the Boer War.

He is by nature, a man of conviction as well as a man who doesn’t pass bee without putting it in his bonnet.

One such bee, is cllr Luke Spillman.

So here is his final piece on cllr Spillman before we try and give consistent coverage across all the wards.

Mr Perrin’s blog: “A Word in Your Ear”.

I ask the people of Thurrock, who are about to vote in the Local Government (LG} elections to be held on Thursday 6 May 2021, would you vote for a person who, for no other reason than his personal ambitions, hitches himself to any political party?   Cllr Luke Spillman, a candidate in the forthcoming LG elections is such a person.

Mr Spillman has been a Councillor for the past five years during which he has been a member of three different political parties, namely UKIP, the Thurrock Independents Group and the Conservative Party.

As a UKIP Party member Mr Spillman was elected as a Councillor in 2016.  In January 2018 Mr Spillman, along with the other 16 elected UKIP Party Councillors, resigned their seats and declared themselves as Thurrock Independent Group (TIG) Councillors, albeit unelected as such.

The Thurrock May 2018 Local Government election was a disaster for the Thurrock Independents. They lost seven seats. Their leader, Graham Snell suffered a particularly humiliating defeat.  The Thurrock Independents were left with 10 Councillors, still unelected as Thurrock Independents.  The future for the TIG looked very bleak indeed.

Behold! Rising from the ashes, “phoenix like”:was the figure of cllr Luke Spillman, newly elected leader of the Thurrock Independents Group and its hoped for “saviour”.  His fellow Councillors were convinced that Cllr Spillman was a trustworthy man who would lead them to victory and the “promised land”.

In the 2019 Thurrock Local Government Election, there was a redeeming feature for the Thurrock Independents Group , the election of their candidate Mr. Allan Mayes.  How disappointing it must have been for loyal Thurrock Independents Councillors and those who voted for him, when it turned out he was just another “turncoat”.  Within a year of his election as a TIG Councillor  he defects and joins the Tories.  His thirty pieces of silver was cabinet status and the portfolio holder for health, positions which accrued to him a tidy sum of money for expenses and allowances.

In my opinion, Mr Mayes deception and betrayal of those who believed in him, trusted him and voted for him as a Thurrock Independent was a shocking act of disloyalty. 

Over the past two years six ex UKIP/Thurrock Independents have joined the Thurrock Tories, four whilst in office and two having lost an election.  They are;- 

Cllr Duffin elected UKIP 2016, Thurrock Independent 2018, defected to the Conservatives 2019.  A total of 5 years of which only two was he actually elected.   An imposter for three years.

Cllr Lawrence elected UKIP 2016, Thurrock Independent 2018, defected to the Conservative 2019.  A total of 5 years of which only two was she actually elected,  An imposter for three years. 

Cllr Mayes elected Thurrock Independent 2019, within a year defected to Conservatives.   An imposter for most of the time he has been in office.

Cllr Spillman elected UKIP 2016, Thurrock Independent 2018, defected to Conservatives 2019, a total of 5 years of which only two was he actually elected.  An imposter for three years.

Messrs Snell and Jones lost an election,  then joined the Conservatives.

Far from saving the Thurrock Independents Group, in reality Mr Spillman”s leadership  and sophistry has been the “kiss of death” and the cause of its probable demise.

Cllrs Spillman and Duffy, having declared their intention not to stand for re=election in 2020, took advantage of the postponement of the 2020 Local Government election, due to Covid-19, and jumped on board the gravy train for a free ride, rubbing their grubby greedy hands at the prospect of payment of substantial allowances and expenses for a further year.

Mr Spillman tells us that he made the decision to quit politics because he was exhausted by the daily grind of being  a Councillor, such as attending meetings which he felt were time wasting, unproductive and left him feeling frustrated.  He also wants us to believe he was fed up with “bitter  and aggressive”  politics as practiced by the two main parties, Conservative and Labour.  How hollow those words sound coming from a man who has spent his time as a UKIP/Thurrock Independents Councillor denouncing Conservatives and Labour politicians, locally and nationally, declaring them “unfit to govern”.   Messrs Spillman and Duffin often accused the Conservatives of being uncaring about the old, the sick, the disabled , the mentally ill, the unemployed, the homeless and any other disadvantaged  section of society.  Indeed they were aggressive and at times vitriolic in their criticism.  

Did both of them have a “road to Damascus” experience in which their eyes were opened and it was revealed to them that their criticism of the Tories was untrue and tthe Tories were in fact decent, caring  jolly good fellows?

Mr Spillman also wants us to know that he has spent 2020 in lockdown preparing himself for  a “second coming” a “rejuvenated” man ready to dedicate himself to serve the people of Thurrock however hard the task maybe.  He believes if the voters reject him and do not avail themselves of his self proclaimed talents and expertise, Thurrock will be the poorer and people will suffer terrible consequences.

I suspect he has a large poster sized picture of himself, pointing outwards and declaring in large letters “THURROCK NEEDS ME”,

In truth Mr Spillman is a self-promoting, self-important, disloyal, shallow man who for years has been posing as an elected Councillor.  His only concern is for himself, his ambitions and the benefits, he will receive should he be re-elected. 


My advice to the people of Thurrock is, if any of them seek election or re-election, you should show your disapproval and disgust at their behaviour to date  and reject them

Thurrock needs Cllr Spillman and his fellow imposters like turkeys need Christmas.

Mr Spillman, as the Chair of the Housing Scrutiny Committee displayed his adroitness at “hedging his bets” when he admitted that the Conservative administration’s proposed house building list was “worrying people unnecessarily”.  

He obviously hoped that his mild criticism would be overlooked by his Conservative colleagues and stand him in good stead in the forthcoming Local Government election. 

There is no doubt in my mind that had there been a vote on the matter Cllr Spillman would have voted in compliance with the Conservative whip. 


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