Sunday, October 1, 2023

Labour Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner candidate launches campaign

CHRIS Vince, Labour & Co-operative Party candidate for Essex Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner, has officially launched his campaign with a Facebook Q&A.

In the video, Chris Vince, a Harlow Councillor, says he sees the role as a ‘dual role’; helping to set the budget and strategic direction of both the police and fire service, and says that there ent resurgence in ‘co-operative community values’, that have helped see us through the Covid crisis, must be championed by the newly elected PFCC.

Mr Vince, speaking to Tricia Cowdrey, a fellow candidate and co-operator from Southend, talks of his priorities if elected, and criticises the Tories for over seeing a big rise in violent crime, whilst cutting police numbers by 300 in Essex since elected to government in 2010.

Amongst his priorities would be to act as a link between those on the front line, and the public, by ‘getting out there and talking to residents’, working with groups such as ‘Changing Lives’ in Harlow, who aim to keep young people from gang activity, and that he’d change the role of the Deputy PFCC, to focus on working with charities and local groups to fight the scourge of domestic violence.

‘We need to be pro-active in tackling crime. We need to listen to local residents, and we must do more to support the victims of crime.’


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