Friday, February 23, 2024

Ward by ward: Grays Thurrock: Labour veteran taken on by Tory teenager

THIS is a two horse race that only one candidate will win but in many ways that is all secondary.

Former Thurrock Council leader, John Kent is standing again. A veteran of Thurrock politics and a very skilful politician.

Councillor Kent through politics, family and work is still at the heart of Grays.

Opposition doesn’t come naturally to him but leading the council is becoming a bit of a memory (2016).

You wonder if Labour have anything up their sleeves when it comes to forming a council?

His opponent is South Ockendon student, Sophie Corcoran.

Sophie is one of the youngest candidates in the United Kingdom. She may not win but this will be great experience.

That has to be applauded. Too many areas struggle to find young aspirational Conservative candidates.

YT Prediction: Lab hold


Sophie Corcoran Conservative Party

John Kent Labour Party


  1. Conservative candidates that won’t try to hide details of loans in excess of £1bn would be a good start.


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