Thursday, February 22, 2024

Safer Essex Road Partnership offers free road-safety support and advice to all businesses in Thurrock

ONE in three road crashes involve someone who is ‘at work’. This is not just vans, trucks and buses, but includes someone driving to a meeting or a care worker travelling between clients. 

At worst, these crashes can lead to death and injury and at best there will be paperwork, hassle and expense to resolve the situation.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) is offering the services of a Road Safety Specialist to assist with your policy and practice. All it will take is a small amount of your time to reduce the chances of your organisation suffering unexpected costs, staff downtime and potential legal issues.

Road Safety Specialist, Iain Temperton, said: “SERP is dedicated to bringing deaths and injury on Essex roads down to zero by 2040. This might sound ambitious, but it is entirely necessary as no amount of deaths on our roads is acceptable. 

“With so many of us on the roads as part of our work activity, it’s really important for us to support businesses and organisations. We’ve recently worked with Chelmsford City Council and continue to support Community Transport 360, (a local charity who provide infrastructure support to the voluntary/community sector as well as a range of frontline services including a Community Transport scheme for vulnerable individuals), to help refine policy and practice including delivering free online workshops for all staff and volunteers.

Tracy Fortescue, Head of Corporate Services at Community360 commented “It has been refreshing to work in partnership with Iain Temperton (SERP) in upgrading our policy and procedures.  The advice and overall support we received has helped us enhance processes whilst educating our workforce at the same time on what is a very important topic.”

 Road Safety Specialist, Iain Temperton, added: “All you need to do is contact us at this email address to arrange an informal, no obligation chat. Our offer is developed around your organisation and need and will be delivered in a way that suits you. Thanks to funding from Highways England there is no cost to you, it is in all our interests to reduce the numbers of people killed and injured on the roads of Essex.”

More details of our offer can be found at  or email to register your interest. 


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