Ward by Ward: South Chafford: This won’t be a cliffhanger

THIS won’t take long. This is a tough one for Labour candidates to win. Unless of course you are Councillor Abbie Akinbohun, who, it seemed through sheer willpower and doggedness won the seat for Labour in 2018.

She is now a Conservative councillor. But that’s Thurrock folks. Sometimes her accounts look like an Instagram influencer but then again maybe Abbie gets social media more than any other councillor.

Her win did prove it had the potential to attract Labour voters and still has but it needs a candidate who is prepared to do the hard yards and prepared to develop a connection with the ward.

Th new candidate for the Conservatives is Augustine Ononaji. He has a solid CV that will resonate wit many of the residents. That and Abbie’s campaigning should make this a nailed on victory.

Labour’s Cliff Holloway wasn’t what we had in mind. He was a solid councillor in West Thurrock and has been a respected union man but we can’t see him having the right profile for South Chafford.

YT Prediction: Cons Hold

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