Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ward by Ward: Former mayor set for a comeback?

THE last time this reporter made a prediction about Carl Morris winning, we predicted he would win the General Election seat of Thurrock in 2010 by 1100. He lost by 92. He has never forgiven us. Never.

It would be good to see Carl back in the chamber. A former mayor and a big best of local politics.

He is now aged 64 but if Joe Biden can be President then why can’t Carl Morris be leader of Thurrock Council?

He brings a political dynamism and shrewdness that would leave the Tories reeling.

Of course, he may want to live a life on the back benches, gently guiding and mentoring but that would be a waste.

What we could see happening is Labour refreshed and regrouped and ready to take on the council. Take on th council could have a number of meanings.

Chadwell is a good seat for Carl. It has a number of issues and challenges. It has been well served over the years and continues to be well served by Sara Muldowney and Daniel Chukwu.

The other two candidates may not appreciate us making it so clear cut. Russell Cherry has been a UKIP councillor and made his mark then. He has clearly been loyal to the Thurrock Independents and their particular brand of local politics.

Adam Carter is a young candidate and is clearly here for the long haul. Good for him.

Labour only win by 49 when this seat was up in 2016 but that was when UKIP were still players in Thurrock.

It might be closer than you think though.

YT Prediction: Labour


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