Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Labour police and crime candidate: Let’s invest in Harlow – let’s vote for a brighter future

CHRIS Vince, Essex Labour & Co-operative candidate for Police Fire & Crime Commissioner, has called upon voters in Harlow to support his vision of ‘co-operation, investment and a brighter future, and urged them not to forget the decade long ‘criminal record’ of the Tories, on polling, this Thursday.

‘This election is a two horse race. Either progressive Labour values of co-operation, investing in our communities and in our front line, and putting victims at the heart of the criminal justice system, will win out, or more cuts will follow, as sure as night follows day, under the Tories. Their record on fighting crime is criminal, and with yet more austerity baked into future Tory budgets, Harlow residents will not be as safe as we should be, the thin blue line will be thinner still, and our fire service will see yet more reductions in their capabilities, putting us all at risk.’

Harlow residents deserve better. Better than just another Tory mouthpiece at the helm, constantly defending and apologising for a Tory Government that believe there’s one rule for them, and another rule for us. A Tory Government that’s cut police numbers, closed police stations and courts, and put lives at risk by reducing whole time fire fighting numbers.

‘So I urge all progressive voters in Harlow to recognise only Labour can beat the Tories on Thursday. Harlow doesn’t deserve more years of Tory neglect. We can do so much better, and I urge you to use your vote to stand up for Harlow. 

Let’s transform our community. Let’s restore confidence, invest in the future, and stand up for those who took the maximum risk to get us through this pandemic. Let’s vote for a brighter future. Let’s vote for Harlow.

Chris Vince

Labour & Cooperative PFCC candidate for Essex


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