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Ward by ward: East Tilbury: Will it be great if it’s councillor Speight?

EAST Tilbury has a rich history of Independent councillors. For many years, Barry Palmer and John Purkiss represented the ward and they were very popular. There wasn’t a council meeting that went by when either John or Barry (or possibly both) would stand up and protect the interests of East Tilbury.

In so many ways, that torch has been passed to Fraser Massey, who has done a wonderful job as in Independent since he was was elected by a majority of 784 in 2019.

Now, there is another Independent candidate in Neil Speight.

Mr Speight stood as a UKIP candidate in 2016 and was often in talks with the Tories for a seat.

Many will know Neil as the editor of a whole host of newspapers since he arrived in the borough in 2003.

Thurrock Gazette, Thurrock Enquirer, Thurrock Independent and now the Thurrock Nub News.

We will put our cards on the table and don’t think a journalist should be councillor in his own patch however, no-one knows local government (from the perspective of a journo) like Neil and no-one is going to be as passionate about serving a community like Neil. Plus, from a purely journo perspective, he will make great copy! Oh and he will probably work really hard and get loads done.

Sue Sammons (here we go again) was a Ukipper and then a Thurrock Independent and is now a Conservative. She is well liked in the ward which makes prediction here a bit tricky.

But we think the Independent brand is a strong one in East Tilbury and so we say it could be time for councillor Speight.

Right off to polish the headlines: war of words/councillor slams/councillor outraged/councillor ejected from chamber……..etc etc

YT Prediction: Ind Gain


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