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Conservative councillor for Ockendon has a word in Mr Perrin’s ear

A word of thanks in your ear Mr Perrin

IN May 2020, Mr Perrin wrote an article, specifically mentioning me, demanding that councillors who had intended to stand down, but whose terms were extended as a result of the cancellation of the 2020 local elections, make their intentions for the coming year clear. 

This article really struck a cord with me.  Mr Perrin was right, I did need to make a decision.  So away I went, inspired by his sage advice.  After a few hours it became clear to me what I needed to do.  The logical path was clear …. I immediately joined the Conservative Party. 

I had voted Conservative in December 2019 and as promised they had got Brexit done!  

The ‘level-up’ agenda, promoting a fairer form of capitalism, spreading investment across the regions of the U.K, was key to the Conservatives 2019 election campaign.  We’ve are already seeing the benefits of this with Thurrock’s successful Freeport bid, which will bring billions of investment into borough.  

I was delighted to hear Boris Johnson promise to hire another 20,000 police officers. This commitment is on schedule, as promised.

My professional passion, is assisting homeless people, and in Robert Jenrick MP, we have a housing minister who provided the funds required to house every single rough sleeper in the country during the pandemic.  Mr Jenrick has also committed to eradicate street homelessness altogether by the end of this Parliament. 

We have a superb Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, whose decisive intervention has saved the livelihoods of millions and put the U.K. on the path to record breaking recovery growth rates, which outstrip all economic predictions.

On the 6th May 2021, I was elected, as a Conservative Councillor, with over 55% of the vote, by the residents of Ockendon.  I now carry an overwhelming mandate to represent, fight and support the interests of every resident in my ward.

I must thank the people of Ockendon, our fantastic Thurrock Conservative team, and the Prime Minister, whose solid stewardship of the country during this most difficult of times, has given me this fantastic opportunity to serve.  

As always, I will work tirelessly to fulfill the duty you have awarded me. 

However, I would also like to thank Mr Perrin, whose inspiration shone a light on this path.  I find it only fitting to dedicate my victory to him.  Mr Perrin, I doth my cap in gratitude.


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