Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Aveley FC and Ormiston Park Academy partner up

THE directors of Aveley Football Club and the Principal of Ormiston Park Academy have met to discuss a future partnership.  The Club and the Academy are next door neighbours and both have fantastic facilities that can benefit each other.  They discussed possible ways of working together and engaging the whole community in the club and academy through events and other future collaborations.

The Club tweeted:

“Aveley Football Club are delighted to announce a partnership with Ormiston Park Academy – the start of a long-lasting relationship that will benefit our local village and community.”

Mark Roessler, Principal of Ormiston Park Academy says:

“Ormiston Park Academy and Aveley Football Club are located right next to each other and are both at the heart of the local community.  I really want to develop a long-lasting relationship between our Academy and one of the best semi professional set ups I have seen, with facilities that wouldn’t be out of place at a league club.  I am very much looking forward to us working together to support each other in new and exciting directions for the benefit of the community.”

Craig Johnson, Aveley Football Club Chief Executive says:

“We are delighted to be entering a new era for the club by linking up with Ormiston Park Academy.  It is an opportunity to bring the village’s two recent iconic buildings together working closely for the benefit of the community as a whole.  We will have some exciting events for the community to look forward to.”


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