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Parking nightmare for Grays residents

COUNCILLORS have refused to offer extra help to residents who are being “held prisoner” in their homes over inconsiderate parking by parents at three neighbouring schools.

Lynn Worrall, Labour coucillor for Grays Thurrock ward, put forward a motion at Wednesday’s full council meeting imploring councillors to help residents living in Ward Avenue, Bradleigh Avenue. College Avenue and Cresthill Avenue.

Cllr Worrall said the residents were trapped by motoritst dropping off children at Grays Convent, St Thomas of Canterbury and Quarry Hill schools.

She said: “Monday to Friday twice a day, residents living on these roads are effectively held prisoner. If they leave their homes they cannot get back to them.

“This is caused during school drop off and pick up times and frankly, they have had enough. Residents describe this as a daily nightmare and they are at their wits end. 

“Footpaths become unpassable and inconsiderate drivers park over dropped curbs, on the footpath and grass verges outside these residents’ homes. Those with puschairs and mobility scooters are forced to walk or drive in the road which is not acceptable and frankly is quite dangerous.”

The councillor called for better enforcement of parking infringements and for the council to urge schools to implement travel plans. 

She also called for drop off points at schools to be enforced under planning rules.

Ms Worrall added: “Home deliveries are an absolute nightmare. I recently spoke to a resident who had to reorganise a delivery of new furniture because her driveway had been blocked and the car left unattended while the person went into the school.

“Residents have organised and submitted their own petition which demonstrates how passionately they feel about this parking problem. Parking restrictions outside the school are neither adhered to or enforced by the school or the enforcement officers who only attend the school on an agreed rota.”

The motion failed to get support from Rob Gledhill, Conservative councillor for Little Thurrock Rectory ward.

He said: “It’s not a motion I can support. I do fully appreciate every single problem that residents may be going through in this area. I live opposite a school. I know exactly what it’s like having to put out notes for delivery to avoid school times.

“Unfortunately it’s one of those things we have to endure. When the schools were built most parents didn’t drive to school. It was quite rare. 

“Life has changed and unfortunately you cannot change the streets surrounding schools to accommodate this.”

Mr Gledhill said the council could not order schools to implement travel plans and giving extra support from enforcement officers would deprive other schools who had similar problems.

He did agree the council should call on schools to create drop off points if they are obligated to do so under planning rules.

Ms Worrall said she was “deeply disappointed” when the majority of the council voted against the motion.Categories: HighwaysLocations: Borough of ThurrockAuthorities: Thurrock CouncilLDRS FAQsCopyright © 2021 BBC


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