Thursday, September 21, 2023

Chadwell councillor and local residents halt sale of children’s field

THE Thurrock Labour Councillor for Chadwell St Mary, Sara Muldowney,has spoken out about the sale of a piece of land opposite Cole Avenue, Chadwell. 

“This piece of land was part of a recent “fire sale”, buried in a 400 page agenda, and nodded through by Conservative Cabinet along with 32 other sites, with only 7 days public notice.”

“I attended this Cabinet meeting to raise concerns about the sale and to ask the Conservative Cabinet members to consult with local residents before selling off this land, but they refused.”
“I was told at this meeting that this was farming land owned by the council, and would be sold to a farmer.” 

“Thanks to local residents it has since come to light that this land is Flat Irons Field, which was gifted to the children of Chadwell by a former resident of the borough, Miss Elsie Florence Grover, in her will.”

“Evidence from Miss Grover’s will and previous council correspondence about this land was submitted to the council on July 10th and since then, I and local residents have demanded that this land sale be halted and the land returned to its intended use, as a playground for the children of Chadwell.”

“At Wednesday night’s full council meeting I submitted a petition from the residents of Cole Avenue against the sale of the land.”

“After further enquiries yesterday, I have, at last, been assured that the sale of this land has been halted, while council officers investigate.”

“The fight continues, although we welcome this latest response from the council as a good step forward.”


  1. In Tilbury we had the same problem with the Anchor Field, which had a covenant that promised it to the children, Tilbury Forum fought for some time, but eventually some ‘person’ in the council office signed it away- we never did find out who it was.
    We wish you luck with your endeavours

  2. Well done Sara. You are appreciated for taken a very bold and good step at the right time. Politics is interesting when a representative of the people is active and alive to his responsibilities, as a member of the cabinet. I voted for you in the last election. I relocated from London to Tilbury just last year) and thank God for the progress you are bringing to our community . I did not regret voting for you. You are an asset to our community. Though I have not met you in person but reading through the flyer during campaign. I decided to go with you because I am a retired school principal.
    Continue to teach others in the cabinet the way to do things in a democratic way. Once a teacher, is always a teacher. Keep it up.
    Iam available to support you anytime to contribute to the development of my community.


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