Thursday, February 22, 2024

Fly-tippers caught and fined across Thurrock

FLY-tippers were woken early this morning (12 August) to find their vehicles being seized and fines issued after they were caught illegally dumping waste in Thurrock.

The raids were part of an operation which used CCTV evidence to catch fly-tippers in the act and today resulted in four vehicles being seized and fines totalling £2,350 and costs of £1,040 issued to four offenders for offences including fly-tipping, littering and public urination.

Leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, joined officers as they seized the vehicles. He said: “This once again demonstrates the proactive approach that Thurrock Council will take to stamp out those that think they can use our borough as their dumping ground.

“Fly-tipping is by no means a victimless crime. If it’s on public land it costs every tax-payer money for clearance and if it’s on private land the landowner is left with the expense of removing it. Those costs are grossly unfair on everyone who is forced to pay them because of the selfish attitude shown by fly-tippers.

“Our household waste and recycling centre is open every day and is available 63 hours a week for residents to use. On top of that we offer a bulky waste collection service for a small fee.

“There is no justification for fly-tipping, especially when residents are driving further away than the tip to illegally dispose of their rubbish.”


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