Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Thurrock Council housing boss makes out of borough pledge regarding homeless

THURROCK Conservatives have announced that Thurrock Council will soon no longer place any homeless residents in temporary accommodation outside of the borough, unless strictly required due to safeguarding.

Conservative Cabinet member for Housing, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “Those who would have been placed outside the borough will now be placed in properties purchased by Thurrock Council, within the borough, and a former sheltered accommodation complex. This will have a profoundly positive impact on the welfare and experience of those seeking homeless assistance from Thurrock Council.

“In addition, this policy will deliver a projected £1.742 million in savings, plus result in an expansion in council-owned housing.

“Given my history of campaigning on this issue, this policy announcement is understandably quite an emotional moment for me. We set officers a tough policy goal and the speed and quality of their solution has been top drawer. My predecessor, Cllr Barry Johnson, also deserves much praise.

“I want a housing service that not only delivers on targets, but does so in the most human and empathetic way. Thurrock Council is on your side when you experience housing problems. Implementation has already begun, and we will see more in-borough placements this municipal year.”

“I’d like to thank my fellow Conservative Cabinet members for their support with this project. I am very excited that I will be able to present the policy in full, with a progress update, to the September Cabinet. This policy is just the beginning of a larger programme to tackle housing in Thurrock. Watch this space for some exciting future announcements.”


  1. I am sorry but my daughter has been in temporary housing for over two years and has been told she may be moved to Manchester even though she has no family up there the council won’t give her a place of her own and her three children they have told her she has to be out of this property by August 25 with no where to live no money so what is she choose to do my daughter has anorexic and has bout of depression all of this has been confirmed by her doctor her social worker is trying to help her but everyone come up with nothing so please don’t tell me that they are not sending people out of the bourogh away from they support and family


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