Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Mid and South Essex (MSE) wound care transformation group to become national accelerator site

FASTER healing and better outcomes for patients with leg wounds is the ambition of an innovative new programme being rolled out across Mid and south Essex (MSE).

Wound care teams across the area have come together with the backing of a national scheme to look at how they can enhance and standardise lower limb wound assessment and review processes with the aim of speeding up healing time and improve care. The programme will also work with patients to redesign services and care to improve the prevention, assessment and treatment of people with chronic wounds.

The teams in Mid and south Essex (MSE) will be leading the way as a national accelerator site as part of a nationwide programme that seeks to improve the care and treatment of wounds. 

The aim is to improve patient care ensuring consistent high standards of care including correct diagnosis, management, and onward referral as appropriate with the aim of reducing inequality in the management of chronic wounds and improve patient outcomes. 

As part of this work, the group will also explore ways in which data around wound care can be better managed

Digital innovation includes the implementation of a specialised app which scans wounds via smartphone devices. This will benefit health care professionals by reducing assessment time for clinicians, enabling more accurate comparison between visits in order to track healing rates, and improve wound care record keeping. For patients, these benefits will lead to improved healing rates and increase their independence.

Anthony McKeever, Executive Lead Mid and South Essex Health & Care Partnership and Accountable Officer for Mid & South Essex’s five CCGs, said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity to innovate by developing an approach that will deliver the best possible care for people suffering with leg wounds. Closer working through our Health and Care Partnership with the support of local patients and the National Wound Care Strategy offers a clear path forward to enable better health outcomes for patients”.

Nina Murphy, Interim Operational Lead for Long Term Conditions at NELFT, said:

“Our vision is to transform the care received, using technology and innovation and ultimately reducing the recurrence of wounds and improving the quality of life of people experiencing lower leg wounds. I am excited about what this means for our patients. It shouldn’t matter where you live or who is caring for your wound, high quality consistent care across primary, secondary and community care should be available to all to enhance the care of local people living with lower leg wounds”.


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