Sunday, December 3, 2023

St. Luke’s Hospice team take time to reflect during an organisational thank you event

OVER six hundred of the St. Luke’s Hospice team were invited to come together and take part in a Thank You & Reflection event on Thursday 30th September.

The event was orchestrated by Suzanne Sales, Health and Wellbeing Lead at St. Luke’s Hospice and organised with members of the Health and Wellbeing Committee.

Suzanne Sales said, ‘We felt it was important to say thank you and acknowledge all the tremendous support that the team give to the community on a daily basis and predominantly throughout the unprecedented times that the pandemic brought when they all pulled together to keep vital services available.

Seeing the team come together and take time out of their busy day, to pause with colleagues, reflect and acknowledge their individual triumphs and challenges from the past eighteen months was a wonderful experience.’

The event was hybrid and delivered both online and in the charities three locations – Basildon Hospice, Astra House and the new Thurrock Hospice site (not yet open to the public).

Each team member was encouraged to contribute in the production of a mosaic, which will be proudly displayed in the Hospice as a lasting symbol of the day.

The event was staggered between 2pm and 7pm to provide opportunities for colleagues to take part and afforded some time for the team to reflect on their experiences over refreshments with colleagues.

Eileen Marshall, Chief Executive of St. Luke’s Hospice and Joanne McCollum, Director of Care and Commissioning visited each location and in the evening enjoyed participating in the mosaic activity at the Basildon hospice.

Eileen Marshall commented, ‘The afternoon was something I will look back on with fond memories. While I’m very aware that the whole team works together on a daily basis with the fundamental aim of supporting patients and their families, we felt it was important for us to take some time to acknowledge and reflect with each other, and to extend our thanks to every member of this dedicated team.’

St. Luke’s Hospice has supported the local community for over 30 years and the team of paid staff and volunteers includes nurses, retailers, doctors, administrators, physiotherapists, counsellors, housekeepers, receptionists, occupational therapists, caterers, accountants, fundraisers, gardeners and drivers.


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