Friday, December 8, 2023

Thurrock Conservatives challenge Anglia Water on flooding

THURROCK Conservatives are calling for Anglian Water to “urgently, and meaningfully, get to the table” to address flooding issues that are occurring around different areas of Thurrock.

Following the flooding issues in January, Conservative councillors have pushed Thurrock Council to push Anglian Water to engage with the council and the community to work to overcome issues of rain water building back onto areas in the town. Thus far, this has not been to any avail, and Anglian Water has been near-to-silent in responding to calls made by Thurrock Council to engage.

Cllr Terry Piccolo and Cllr Shane Hebb said – “issues that residents had to experience again on Wednesday evening are realities that Anglian Water needs to face up to and confront the underlying challenge. We have worked with Thurrock Council to support the council going in with a business case to upgrade the Mucking Sluice, but that isn’t all that needs doing here – Anglian Water need to promptly act and do something different”

Andrew Jeffries and Ben Maney whose Cabinet briefs include flooding matters added “We have again seen so-called once in a lifetime flooding across the borough and are disappointed that Anglian Water has not engaged with Thurrock Council, its now essential that they do so and immediately. There are many areas across Thurrock where Anglian Water need to engage, design and implement engineering fixes to reduce flooding and sewage bursting into the street repeatedly and bring the water management systems across Thurrock into the 21st Century”.


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