Thursday, October 6, 2022

Grays councillor angry over Tory response to Thurrock Adult Community College

GRAYS Thurrock Councillor Lynn Worrall, has spoken of her anger after Tory councillors turned down her plea for the council to work with residents on the future of the Thurrock Adult Community College site in Richmond Road, Grays.

Following the closure of the college residents have been extremely concerned about just what the council has planned for the site.

Cllr Worrall explained: “The Tories infamous Housing Sites List suggested the corner of the site, where the Council Sports & Social Club used to stand, could take 20 homes.

“Residents of Richmond Road, and surrounding streets, have for many years put up with dreadful traffic congestion and often not being able to park anywhere near their homes.

“Now the Tories have now decided to demolish the college buildings – despite real concerns about the impact of noise, vibration and dust on neighbouring properties, without any clear plan of how demolition vehicles will get in and out of the site and without, it would appear, the necessary Historic Buildings Report.

“Added to this, the Planning Committee is being asked – on Thursday- to approve a planning application to create a new access to the Alf Lowne Scout Centre – which will remove even more, scarce, parking spaces. All this has left residents fearing what might now happen on that site.

“All we were asking for on Wednesday was for the council to bring forward a comprehensive plan for the whole site so residents could see what just is  being proposed – it’s about committing to working with residents in an open and transparent way, rather than bringing forward piecemeal proposals in an effort to disguise what they want to do. It just shows Thurrock Conservatives couldn’t give a damn for those living around the old college site.”



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