Monday, February 26, 2024

Girl Power gets the job done in Chadwell St Mary

ON Friday, Cllr Sara Muldowney joined Jade and other members of the Horticultural and Grounds Maintenance Team to plant cherry and silver birch trees along the green space in front of Courtney Road.

“I am particularly glad to be putting some trees in along Courtney Road as once they are established they will help to shield residents from a very noisy busy road.”

“It’s been wonderful to work alongside council staff to get these new trees planted in Chadwell. These are the front line workers who maintain our green spaces and trees and they are out in all weathers.”

“Today, Jade was my mentor and guided me through all the stages of making sure the trees were planted properly, including inserting a pipe so the tree roots can be watered directly, adding a stake to help the tree grow straight and surrounding the tree with a protective metal cage.”

“The trees will need a lot of watering during the summer months, especially for the first couple of years while the roots are establishing.”

“With staffing cuts happening across the council, and more to come, there is more and more work pressure on the frontline staff that remain, so I hope that local residents will join me in making sure that these trees get all the water they need during the summer so they can establish and flourish.”



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