Sunday, December 3, 2023

Stanford Conservatives welcome removal of trial speed bumps from London Road

STANFORD West Conservatives have reacted positively to news that the speed bumps and reduced speed limit down London Road in Stanford-le-Hope are to be removed. The measures were installed as a result of government funding as part of the Active Travel initiative.

Cllr Shane Hebb said: “We were not at all convinced of the need to introduce temporary speed restrictions down London Road – we had little faith that the speed bumps would achieve what the Active Travel initiative sought to achieve. The data from the trial is in, and unlike Butts Lane, the London Road restrictions have, unsurprisingly, not proven effective. The data, and local opinion, is very clear that they serve no purpose. It is right they should now go, and we understand this is due to happen in January next year”

Cllr Terry Piccolo said: “This was only ever a trial – we agreed that the speed restrictions down Butts Lane were an obvious candidate – it’s a busy road which serves a large school, and we have raised concerns about speeding down Butts Lane for some time. The data from the trial informs us the new measures have reduced traffic speeds by nearly 10mph. However, residents of the ward, and, people who visit the area speak to us, raise issues with the usefulness London Road speed restrictions. Removal is, we think, the right decision”


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