Friday, December 8, 2023

Chafford Conservatives out with Parking Enforcement teams to ensure safe parking around schools

CHAFFORD Councillor Abbie Akinbohun was out Thursday (16th Dec) with the Parking Enforcement Team of Thurrock to ensure the smooth running of traffic and safe parking around the school and across Chafford.

During the visits, officers issued four Parking Charge Notices were drivers of vehicles wrongly parked in Mayflower Road.

Cllr Abbie Akinbohun said “We all know we should take extra care when parking near schools to ensure that children are not put at risk. I hope these notices serve as a warning and deterrent to all those that contravene the parking restrictions in Chafford. We must not tolerate bad parking anywhere as it impacts the free movement of residents, and is a safety issue.

“As Chafford Conservative Councillors we hope our message is clear to all residents and they think about the impact their poor parking has on the safety of residents, in particular children.”

Cllr Ben Maney, Portfolio Holder for Highways added: “today is a great example of why we are doubling the size of the enforcement team next year. I would also urge all parents who drive their children to school to be considerate, park within the rules and think about the safety of other families or risk a fine.”


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