Sunday, December 3, 2023

Mr. Perrin’s blog: In praise of MP Jackie Doyle-Price

Mr. Perrin’s blog: “A Word in Your Ear”.

IN a previous blog titled “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap”, posted in “Your Thurrock” on 17 September 2021, I lambasted Members of Parliament and Councillors regarding their integrity. 

It was with great interest that I listened to a Radio 4 programme on Wednesday 22 December 2021, titled “The Moral Maze”, the subject being the integrity of our politicians and begged the question “Do we get the politicians we deserve”?

In my 17 Sep blog I asked how do these “dodgy” politicians get re-elected time after time?  They are not harmless loveable rouges of the Arthur Daly ilk. Beneath the cloak of respectability lurks a “crook” ever ready to exploit their position to their advantage. They would like us to believe they conscientiously “serve” but the reality is they ruthlessly “exploit” the public.

This exploitation often comes at a great cost to the wellbeing of the poor, the sick and disabled, the mentally ill and other disadvantaged people.

I suggested that maybe we, the voters, at best tolerate at worst countenance their immorality and dodgy dealings and by continuously voting for them we do get the politicians we deserve.

Not all politicians are dodgy. Many are hardworking, honest and decent. Unfortunately they undeservedly get tarnished with the same brush. 

 It is with this in mind I come to Ms. Jackie Doyle-Price MP for Thurrock.  She and I are worlds apart politically but I will unreservedly give credit where I believe credit is due

Ms. Doyle-Price has been the MP for Thurrock for eleven years, narrowly defeating “local lad” Carl Morris in 2010. In those 11 years there has not been a “whiff” of scandal or impropriety on her part. I commend her for her honesty and integrity.

I wish her a happy, prosperous and safe New Year 2022,


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