Sunday, December 3, 2023

Chadwell councillor disgusted at safety measures vandalism on Orsett Heath footpath

BARRIERS that were recently installed on footpath 95, Greyhound Lane to protect residents from irresponsible off-road motorbikes and quadbikes riders,  have again been damaged. The new barriers were installed yesterday (18th Jan) were ripped out within 24 hours.

Cllr Adam Carter said: “I am disgusted to see that much-needed target hardening has been ripped out by vandals within 24hrs of installation. Residents from across Orsett Heath and Chadwell have complained about nuisance riders making it unsafe for them to enjoy our open spaces safely. This is the second time these target hardening measures have been damaged and removed at great cost to the taxpayer.”

Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, Cllr Maney added: “Whilst we are spending money protecting this footpath, we are not able to spend money on other target hardening projects across Thurrock. Recently a number of people have been knocked down by these irresponsible riders and a pet dog was killed so this is a real threat to safety not just the Council being killjoys.

If anyone has any knowledge of who damaged this equipment, please call Essex Police on 111, use the online chat facility on the Essex Police website or contact Crimestoppers quoting crime reference 42/285/207/2.”


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