Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Jet Patcher pilot programme reaps rewards for Thurrock’s roads

AN EIGHT-week pilot programme has seen a record number of repairs completed at almost half the cost across Thurrock’s roads and highways.

The innovative programme, which was delivered in collaboration with Thurrock Council partner Velocity, utilises a device known as a jet patcher to fill cracks and potholes in roads. Once a crack or crevice has been identified, the jet patcher fires out bitumen and stone into the damaged road surface and firms it into place before allowing it to cool. Over the course of 2 months more than 1,900 repairs were completed on roads across the borough.

Cllr Ben Maney, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, said “This is truly fantastic work from our Highways Infrastructure team providing a far more cost effective and greener way to repair our roads and provide safer conditions for our drivers.

“The typical cost of a repair such as filling a crack or pothole is more than £60, but with this new technique we are looking at closer to half this cost, around £31. Furthermore the new approach, which has been refined over the years, will see half as much carbon emitted as the existing method as we continue to prioritise the safety of our environment.

“With this forward thinking and innovative approach we can take preventative measures to stop potholes in their tracks. The team are looking closely at the data, with the hope to run the programme again in Summer 2022.”

Potholes and highways defects can be reported online through the Highways Report It tool.


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