Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Grays councillor hits out at Tories over mould in tower blocks

FOLLOWING on from a BBC Essex interview yesterday, Councillor Martin Kerin has hit out at ‘distraction techniques’ from the Leader of Thurrock Council, and told the Conservative administration running Thurrock to ‘get a grip’ on the mould and cold problem afflicting the six tower blocks on the Seabrooke Rise estate.

He said: “What we heard from the Leader of the Council yesterday was disgraceful. Instead of a clear plan for sorting the blight of mould and cold, all we heard was an attempt at distracting us from the issue at hand. To announce a plan to demolish the flats and rehouse the families, without publishing a clear plan and consultation, is an insult to their intelligence. They are simply not buying it!

“The Tories have run Thurrock for six years now. In that time, they have not brought forward one site that has resulted in a spade in the ground – yet now we’re expected to believe that they can successfully build enough properties to decant over 300 families. My residents are questioning how a a Tory administration which couldn’t even measure the windows properly on the blocks will be able to do this.

“So, instead of attempting to distract my residents from the plight of mould of cold which was caused by their botched management of the cladding programme, the administration needs to get on with actually fixing the problem. They caused it; they have to sort it. We need to see less ill-thought-out press releases from the Tories and more concreate action to remedy the horrendous situation my residents find themselves in.”


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