Thursday, October 6, 2022

Proposals for new primary school in Aveley

A NEW primary school planned for green belt land in Aveley is recommended for approval.

Planning officers have backed plans for the Harrier Primary School on land adjacent to the A13 and Love Lane, concluding the need for more primary school spaces outweighs any detriment to the green belt.

The proposed development involves a new two-storey school building to include a teaching block and outdoor sports facilities, play areas and car parking.

The school would accommodate classrooms for the youngest Key Stage 1 children on the ground floor with the Key Stage 2 classrooms located upstairs.

The ground floor classrooms allow for access to outdoor learning. The reception and nursery outdoor facilities will be enclosed with fencing for safety and easy access for drop-off and pick-up for parents.

Both Aveley primary schools were already operating over capacity in September 2021. Aveley Primary School with a capacity for 420 children, had 462 in September and is predicted to have 447 children in 2025. Kennington Primary Academy which also has a 420-child capacity, welcomed 427 children in September and is set to cater for 479 in 2025.

A report to Thurrock’s planning committee said: “It is considered a clear need for additional primary school places has been identified in Aveley, and as such the plans for the proposed development have been developed.

“There is an urgent need for pupil places within this area and the proposed development has been brought forward as a direct response to this need.”

Four comments of objection from residents included the loss of grazing land, drainage issues, and parking/highways problems.

The site is classed as agricultural land and as such the council must establish there are exceptional circumstances that allow it to be developed.

However and assessment concluded “there are no other available sites of the required size within the built-up area of Aveley and therefore a green belt site is the only suitable option”.

If approved the application will go the Secretary of State for a final decision.

The planning committee will consider the application on April 21.


  1. I personally don’t agree on anymore building in this area , the whole area has a high pollution rate ‘ we are running out of green space ‘ we who have been born and bred in this area have not been considered in any way shape or form , we are literally engulfed with motorway cars and traffic, more houses more cars more schools more cars when will it stop , there’s more and more people with serious lung conditions on the up ‘ when are us who live here going to be taken into account ‘it was a lovely village’and now it’s being crammed as much as possible I personally don’t call this progress, it’s making people’s lives a misery trying to get from A to B the crime has also gone up as well is none of this being taken into consideration for us that live here ‘ I don’t think it’s fair to be building anything more.

  2. There is another site, the Firemans Club as was. The site already has a building on it which is in poor condition, access is via a long drive which takes cars of parents off road.Parents cars in Love Lane will cause problems on a Bus route unless parking and turnaround for these cars is proposed.

  3. Absolutely disgusted that yet another horse’s field it to be taken away and built on !! When there is a perfectly large enough field directly OPPOSITE I’ve lived in aveley all my life and was encouraged to play outdoor (not sit in with technology) and I was always at one of the many stable yards now my children will not grow up knowing what grass looks like aveley is the new concrete jungle!! With no thoughts of the livestock and how it will impact them and the owners!!!!!! Whoever is all for this going ahead “YOU SHOUD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES”

  4. Our green belt and green spaces suffering again And our wildlife, people complain of foxes going into schools and want to hurt them but this is their home .where else should they go .
    We are building on way too much green belt and their habitat
    I oppose building on This land .


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