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4,000 young people tell the Jack Petchey Foundation their thoughts on the environment

A NEW report released by the Jack Petchey Foundation asked almost 4,000 young people, including over 700 from Essex, their thoughts on the environment. 2 in 3 young people want to see environmental education prioritised in the curriculum, 1 in 5 is interested in pursuing an environmental career and 70% actively encourage friends/family to take care of the environment.  

On The Pulse: The Jack Petchey Environmental Youth Survey was released Friday 22nd April (Earth Day) and shares what 3,896 young people said they wanted to see to build a more sustainable future. The survey focused on young people’s ideas, how schools can be better environmentally supported and how decision makers can empower young people more to build a greener tomorrow.

Key findings:

·         More environmental education in schools – school’s are the place that young people engage with information about the environment the most, and yet less than half have dedicated lessons on the environment currently. 2 in 3 young people told us they want to see environmental education prioritised in the curriculum.

·         More opportunities to interact with nature – the top ask of young people was to go on more school trips into nature (55% prioritised this). Furthermore, more schools do not have adequate green space than do, according to students who filled in our survey. 38% of young people want to see green spaces developed in their schools, and over half of young people would like to volunteer in a green space in their community (54%).

·         Recognise young people protecting the environment – young people told us how motivated they are to build a greener tomorrow, with 1 in 4 young people already involved directly with a environmentally-focused group. 47% would like young people to be recognised for helping the environment more.

·         Listen to us!  96% of young people believe decision-makers should consult directly with young people about the environment. This survey was launched shortly after the UN Climate Change conference, which dominated the news cycle, however 1 in 5 young people who responded to the survey did not know what this conference was, suggesting that key conversations about the environment are not reaching our future leaders.

“I would ask them to pay even more attention to the global crisis and give out more opportunities for younger generations to help with it in their local community or in their school.” – Izzy, 12, Bexley


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