Thursday, December 7, 2023

MP Jackie Doyle-Price raises concerns over “Illegal migrant” ads

CONSERVATIVE MPs have condemned their own party’s new online adverts attacking Labour MPs over immigration, warning they will stoke hatred and put all politicians at greater risk.

Tory backbenchers have raised fears about personalised ads targetting Yvette Cooper and other frontbench Labour politicians – telling the public they voted “to keep illegal migrants in Britain”.

Some Tories criticised the potentially inflammatory ads in a private WhatsApp group where MPs share graphics on social media, according to Bloomberg.

“These ads lead directly to attacks on MPs and their families and they stoke up hatred of politicians,” Tory MP Miriam Cates wrote – calling the ads “very, very disappointing”.

Tory colleague Jackie Doyle-Price is also said to have raised concerns, saying the party should “hold ourselves to good standards of behaviour.”

The full article can be found below.


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