Sunday, December 3, 2023

Innovative injunction to prevent fuel protests in Thurrock

THURROCK Council has taken significant steps to prevent further disruption in the borough by securing a ground-breaking injunction which prevents protestors blocking roads or impeding vehicles at key fuel terminals in the borough, giving police the powers to quickly and effectively move on anyone attempting to block these sites which are key to national supply.

Over the last few weeks, three fuel terminals in Thurrock have been targeted by activists from protest group Just Stop Oil – causing disruption to the borough’s road networks, local businesses, waste collections and other frontline council services. The innovative legal measures prevent the activity and tactics protestors used to create disruption at these sites and is set to act as a deterrent to anyone who is thinking of coming to Thurrock to carry out similar activity in the area in the future.

The injunctions cover areas around the Navigator Oil Terminal in Grays, Inter Terminal UK’s site in Grays and Thames Oilport in Stanford-le-Hope as well as other key fuel infrastructures sites and filling stations in the borough.

Under the terms of the injunction, protestors are prevented from blocking roads, stopping vehicles and gluing themselves to the road or vehicles. The injunction aims to prevent unnecessary disruption for local businesses and residents trying to access their premises, homes, petrol stations and travel near these sites.

Thurrock council has worked closely with Essex Police and affected businesses to ensure that vital fuel deliveries could continue despite the actions of the protestors. Over the last three weeks, Essex Police have made 461 arrests in connection with illegal acts carried out as part of oil protests in Thurrock, with various emergency and partner services working tirelessly to restore order safely. The operation has so far cost Essex Police, Thurrock Council and other partners more than £1 million.

Thurrock Council has worked together with our partners to secure this vital injunction, which is the first of its kind to include specific roads, petrol forecourts and other vital fuel infrastructure beyond the premises previously targeted by protestors.

The full terms of the injunction are available online at:


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