Sunday, December 3, 2023

Safety advice issued after kitchen fire in Grays

ESSEX Firefighters have issued safety advice following a kitchen fire in Little Thurrock, Grays, last night.

Crews were called at 9.53pm to a kitchen fire after a smoke alarm alerted the occupants and they were able to get out of the property and dial 999.

Watch Manager Gary Banninster from Grays said: “The fire started in the kitchen but as the kitchen door was closed it helped to contain it to one room. The smoke alarms gave warning and meant they could get out and call us.”

The cause of the fire has been determined as accidental. The kitchen was badly damaged and firefighters used specialist fans to clear the smoke from the rest of the property

Gary added: “Our advice is to make sure you have a working smoke alarm fitted on all levels of your home and test them regularly, close internal doors when you go to bed and never leave appliances like dishwashers or washing machines on overnight.”

For more safety advice check out our home safety tips on our website.


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