Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Legally Blonde set to be performed at Gable Hall school

PLAYING for four nights only at Ortu Gable Hall school, students will be performing their anticipated performance of “Legally Blonde”.

The 70+ cast and crew are rehearsed and ready to see you from tonight at 7pm (Monday 9 May) until Thursday 15th May, tickets are £6.00 and everyone is invited!

“Legally Blonde” follows sorority girl and fashion merchandising major Elle Woods, played by Evie Stanton, as she reels from a breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, played by Luke Lewis, bringing her to the obvious conclusion that she would simply follow him to Harvard Law School, proving to Warner that she is “Serious” and worthy of his love.

Along the way, Elle realises her potential as a lawyer, rising to the top of her class despite initial struggles and misconceptions about her intelligence, but she never loses her air-headed nature along the way.

The choreography in “Legally Blonde,” arranged by the Dance department – Ms Guard at Gable Hall School, is also worth a watch and as per normal, Ms Latham Head of Drama sprinkles her usual charm and magic dust on this performance.


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