Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thurrock Labour leader slams Tories over nursery closures

THE LEADER of Thurrock Labour has made the following response regarding the closure of two nurseries in Tilbury.

Cllr John Kent, said: “This is desperately sad news – when the council consulted on their closure plans, last year, 92% of residents said this provision was important.

Thurrock Conservatives knew these nurseries were going to close before the local elections but, cynically, they kept quiet about it until after the elections.

We all know this is the first of many cuts to come as they scrabble about to fill their £35 million financial black hole.”

Chair of the Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Labour Councillor Sara Muldowney said: “These nurseries are being closed as part of cost cutting measures as the Conservative administration struggle to close a £34.4 million budget gap.”

“A consultation with local residents showed how well loved these nurseries are, sometimes with generations of the same family going to them as children.”

“The Children’s Services Committee were reassured numerous times last year that the council were “cautiously optimitic” that a new provider could be found, with the date of closure being pushed from March until the end of the school year to allow more time.”

“With the announcement to close now coming on the heels of the local elections, this now seems like this was just a cynical attempt to push this unpopular decision to the other side of the local elections.”

“At the same time as the council was discussing closing these nurseries, we had a report to Children’s Services which showed that there are not enough nursery places in Tilbury. When these nurseries close there will be a loss of 33 staff and 126 nursery places which raises the question of how working people will be able to find childcare places.”

“This is the just the first of a series of expected cost-cutting measures by the Conservative-run council that will have an adverse effect on the local community.”


  1. Numbers here are incorrect. It is 250 places that will be lost between both settings not 126


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