Friday, September 22, 2023

Queen’s Jubilee corgis have been stolen from Purfleet display

SIX of the Queens’s corgi silhouettes made for a beacon lighting event at Purfleet-on-Thames on Thursday have been stolen. They formed part of the riverside backdrop the community’s forum had been working on for weeks. 

They were displayed on the riverside railings for people to enjoy over the celebration period and were due to be sold, with money going to the forum for future events for the Community.

The event itself drew an estimated 4,000 people over the day. More than a dozen local acts performed on the domed stage, including two brass bands, blues guitarists, gospel choir, rap, school student singers, dance troupes, singer songwriters and other entertainers. 

On the green was live theatre, carnival mascot stilt walkers, a fancy-dress competition and bird of prey displays.

Event organiser and Purfleet-on-Thames Forum vice-chairman Trevor Batchelor said: “This selfish act will not mar the memory of this great event, which was totally successful in uniting the residents of Purfleet-on-Thames.”

If anybody has any information about the stolen corgis, you are asked to contact


  1. -on-Thames, the name officially changed in 2020

    The loss of the corgis is very disappointing as they symbolised the fun element of these celebrations and bought smiles to many peoples faces.

    We received dozens of favourable comments on the day and after, which must be redirected to our fantastic volunteers, tirelessly working to make this event happen over the many preceding weeks and on the day. Hats off to every one of you.

    It was very gratifying to receive comments like: ‘We have hosted several events in our town in the past, but none compares to the scale of the event held yesterday in the park. I feel so immensely proud that our town was able to honour, share and represent the pride of our nation marking our Queen’s 70-year reign, in the manner as was done yesterday. It was not lost on me, the tremendous organisation and effort it would have taken to carry out such an event, and it was executed with the utmost professionalism. I don’t think that to say the event was a success would sufficiently underscore how excellently choreographed the event was, and it was certainly enjoyed by all.
    I know your efforts, and those of the many volunteer members of the forum were tireless and the result of your efforts should serve as a beacon to demonstrate the impact that a few good people can have in society.’

    John and I on behalf of Purfleet-on-Thames Community Forum with the help of Hi Ching from Thurrock Festival would like to thank the thousand’s of people who turned up to experience the largest outdoor event in Purfleet-on-Thames for over 100 years and the biggest jubilee event in the borough. Our gratitude goes out to all of our dedicated volunteers, sponsors, supporters, performers and stall holders.


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