Sunday, September 24, 2023

Tilbury councillor calls for “Tilbury places for Tilbury kids”

TILBURY Councillor, Kairen Raper, has called on the Thurrock Conservative Administration of Thurrock Council to guarantee that all current users of the Little Pirates and Nurseries in Tilbury will continue to receive their new provision in their hometown.

During last night’s Full Council Meeting, she questioned the Tory Portfolio Holder, Barry Johnson, on this matter – and he wouldn’t give guarantees that all children in the Tilbury nurseries would continue their provision in Tilbury.

Speaking after the meeting, Labour’s Cllr Raper said:

“I am disappointed that the Tories would not guarantee that Tilbury’s pre-schoolers could continue their Early Years journey in a Tilbury setting. It is ironic that at a time when we are being encouraged to walk and become more active that Tilbury parents could be forced away from this option.

“Denying Tilbury’s youngest the chance to be educated in their hometown is very clear example of Levelling Down from the Tories.”

Thurrock Labour’s Children’s Spokesperson, Cllr Martin Kerin, said:

“Because the Thurrock Tories have mismanaged the finances, we have a deficit of £34m, of which £20m of savings will come from staffing. Because Children’s Services have a high headcount of staff, it is obvious that these nursery closures are just the thin edge of the wedge. Unfortunately, this is just the start of the axe being taken to Children’s Services.

“I would remind the ruling Conservatives that Thurrock’s children deserve the best starts in life, and that the hard-working staff who serve our youngsters do not deserve to be sacrificed on the altar of Tory financial incompetence”


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