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Transport Minister Trudy Harrison gets the Tevva treatment at Tilbury HQ

TRANSPORT Minister Trudy Harrison was given a tour of electric and hydrogen truck OEM Tevva this week, just weeks after the Tilbury-headquartered manufacturer launched its ground-breaking hydrogen electric truck. 

Harrison was accompanied by South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Steven Metcalfe and the politicians were joined by Tevva CEO Asher Bennett, COO Peter Domeney, Human Resources Director Kay Jarvis and Commercial Director Richard Lidstone-Scott, who outlined Tevva’s plans to launch more factories in continental Europe and beyond.

Tevva has already employed more than 250 people in the UK, with plans for many more jobs at the Tilbury site and other locations. The tour of the plant gave the Transport Minister an opportunity to see where Tevva plans to produce and manufacture its vehicles, including the 7.5-tonne battery electric truck which will begin production soon, and to explain how Tevva is boosting the local and wider economy.

Harrison was also able to see Tevva’s hydrogen electric truck first hand. By adding a hydrogen fuel cell system to its battery-electric heavy goods vehicle design, Tevva is delivering zero-emission solutions that will work for the overwhelming majority of fleet operators across a range of industries and sectors. The fuel cell system tops up the battery, extending the vehicle’s range and allowing the truck to carry heavier loads over longer distances.

One advantage of using the fuel cell as a range extender, rather than the primary source of power, is that it allows Tevva to utilise smaller, cheaper and lighter fuel cells and operate these at the highest possible efficiency. 

Tevva’s 7.5-tonne hydrogen electric truck comfortably meets (and exceeds) demanding duty cycles for nearly all urban and extra-urban use cases. Tevva’s innovation means that its customers can drive for longer (with a range of up to 310 miles or 500 kilometres) and will create driver reassurance because of the technology’s reliability and safety.

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison said: “Our road freight industry is one of the most efficient in the world, and we want to ensure that continues as we journey to a zero-emission future while boosting clean job opportunities across the region.

“Tevva is one of the companies leading the way in producing sustainable trucks for our vital fleet services, and it was good to see first-hand the progress Tevva is making with the launch of its first hydrogen electric truck.”

Tevva CEO and founder Asher Bennett said: “We were delighted to show the Transport Minister around our Tilbury headquarters and share our plans for developing and manufacturing sustainable urban trucks and mobility technology in the UK. Our commitment to scale across the UK is expected to create many hi-tech jobs and establish the region as a world leader in clean energy transport.

“We pride ourselves on developing zero-emission mobility solutions that can address climate change and local air quality issues, and fundamentally improve the lives of people everywhere. It is a pleasure to continue our work with government and shape the future of transport and energy in the UK and beyond.”

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