Friday, July 19, 2024

Three Grays councillors tell the council ‘Fix the lights while sun is shining!’

FOLLOWING complaints from the residents of Greenwood House, Butler House and Davall House, Grays councillors Jane Pothecary, Tony Fish and Martin Kerin have called on the council to get on with fixing lights in the car park.

Speaking to Your Thurrock from the car park of the western blocks, Cllr Pothecary said:

“Residents have been repeatedly assured by the council that the lights in the car park would be fixed. Yet, as you can see from here, there are still lights out of action.

“Luckily, with the summer upon us, it is not getting dark until late. However, this is the best time for the council to sort the problem, and not leave it until autumn and winter when the nights close in earlier. 

“If I could offer the council some advice, I would say: ‘fix the lights while the sun is shining!'”


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