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Patient’s life transformed thanks to pain relief device

A PATIENT who was in so much pain that it left her housebound has had a life-changing device fitted.

The treatment Carol Mortley, 73, received at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust was so successful that she has spoken about her experience at an international conference.

Carol, from Kent, had neuromodulation therapy, where a device is inserted into the lower back and sends electrical impulses to the brain and damaged nerves to reduce the feeling of pain.

Travelling abroad is something that would not have been possible for Carol before her treatment, as she suffered with sciatica, which is where an irritated nerve causes severe pain through the legs and lower back.

But she jumped at the opportunity to speak about her positive experience, alongside the team who cared for her, at a conference in Barcelona.

Carol said: “Before I was fitted with the device, life became unbearable. I didn’t leave the house for years due to the pain, which meant my husband couldn’t enjoy life either.

“Now we can go on long walks and do the things we love again. The thought of travelling to Barcelona before with my condition was unimaginable, so getting the opportunity to go and talk about my device and share how wonderful it is was amazing. The team at Orsett Hospital have been brilliant and so supportive – I can’t speak highly enough of them.”

Angela Stark, lead nurse for pain and neuromodulation, said: “It has been wonderful to see the transformative effect on Carol – she has been like a different person. With this device she can now control the strength of the impulses with a remote, meaning she is in full control of her pain relief.”


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