Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Police call for suspension of Grays’ bar’s licence after assault 

A GRAYS bar has had its licence suspended after allegations of an assault by a man using a knuckleduster reports the Local Democracy Reporter.

Thurrock Council held a licensing committee hearing about Banjo’s bar in Maidstone Road following a request from Essex Police to temporarily suspend its licence while they investigate the assault allegations.

In a letter to the committee Supt Mark Barker said a serious crime had been committed at the venue, which he said was now calling itself The Club.

Mr Barker said: “This assault is alleged to have occurred after the victim had been drinking at the premises. The assault has taken place in the smoking area of the premises.”

The officer said the assault had been aggravated by the use of a knuckleduster. Following the assault the bar was closed and police were unable to gain access.

Police said they were forced to get a warrant to gain entry to the bar where they found a CS gas cannister.

Mr Barker said: “Despite making requests for support this has not been forthcoming and as such police were forced to attend court and obtain a search warrant to recover the CCTV evidence.”

A search of the premises was undertaken during which the premises’ CCTV machines were seized. Whilst lawfully on the premises a cannister of CS gas, a prohibited item, was located.”

The suspect has now been arrested and charged for this assault. In addition, Essex Police say they are aware of a change of designated premises supervisor from the current premises licence holder. The suspect has been charged with ABH which if convicted carries a sentence of five years prison on the first conviction.

The committee upheld the police request on Friday.

A spokesman for Thurrock Council said: “The decision was to suspend the licence with immediate effect. A full review of the licence will take place within 28 days from the original police application, where the long-term future of the licence will be considered.”

It was not possible to contact Banjo’s for a comment.


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