Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Grays councillor demands action over scores of defective balcony and stairwell lights

GRAYS Labour Jane Pothecary has demanded action over the lack of working balcony and stairwell lights, following a night walk of Seabrooke Rise. Responding to resident concerns, she undertook a patrol of the estate and was shocked at the lack of light available for residents.

Scores of lights have been catalogued and reported for urgent repair.

Speaking after the walk, she said:

“It is shocking just how many balcony and stairwell lights are out of action and defective. This is unfair on my residents who have paid for this service and are not receiving it.

“The darkness is bad enough at this time of year, but will be intolerable come autumn and winter. Ultimately, why should my residents go without much-needed light on the balconies and stairwells? The council need to act urgently and give my residents the service they pay for.”


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