Thursday, April 18, 2024

Thurrock Council leader Rob Gledhill resigns

THE Tory leader of Thurrock Council has announced his resignation.

Cllr Rob Gledhill said: “Whilst I welcome this news and the support from Her Majesty’s Government it has become clear over the past few months that the situation regarding council investments, and subsequently its finances, has not been as reported.

As Leader of the Council, the political buck stops with me and as such it would only be right, and expected, that I resign as Leader of the Council. However, I will be remaining as an elected member to support the new Leader and the Commissioner as required.

Thurrock Conservative Spokesman said: “Cllr Gledhill has done the honourable thing by resigning as Leader and we do thank him for his service as Leader over the past seven years.

The borough has seen massive investments in roads, environmental improvements and cleanliness and we have been nominated and won more awards in that time than ever before.

However we, including the former leader, have become deeply concerned over the past few months at the way investments have been made and handled by officers despite questions from across the Council.

“We know the coming weeks will see more come into the public domain and we will ensure that all that is possible is in the public domain.” 



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