Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Developers given go ahead for new flats in Aveley

DEVELOPERS have been given the go ahead to build a block of 17 new flats in Aveley.

Planning officers have approved the three storey block of one and two-bedroom flats in Purfleet Road.

No affordable housing is included in the block but planners said: “The proposed development would represent a needed housing development.”

The site, which previously had planning permission for a slightly smaller 17-flat development, has been cleared of all former buildings.

The new building will have twelve two bedroom flats and five with one-bedroom.

A planning report said: “The scale, form, architectural style and general overall size are essentially as previously approved. The only difference of any significance is that the ground-floor footprint and upper floors would be a little greater in size to ensure that each flat meets the requirements of the Nationally Described Space Standards.”

The council received six objections with concerns including the light and outlook of the adjacent residents of Manor Close and the three-storey development would “be at odds with the two storey surroundings and be imposing”.

Objectors also questioned whether parking provision would be adequate and whether the access would be detrimental to the safe use of a nearby crossing.

The proposal would include balconies at the front and rear which would be a prominent feature of the appearance of the building.

The report said: “Balcony structures such as those proposed are not a feature of the locality and, these features would therefore cause the building to appear unlike any other within the surrounding area.

“However, given the variety of built form that exists within the locality and as this building would be unique in appearance within the locality, it is considered that the harm caused by the inclusion of balconies would be limited and substantially outweighed by the benefits of providing amenity space to serve the occupiers.”

Planners also said they had concerns over the appearance of a 22-space parking area. They added: “It was an initial concern that the large parking area would detract from the appearance of the site and, therefore, the applicant has proposed the provision of pergolas and the use of suitable materials to avoid the parking area appearing relentless.”


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