Saturday, July 13, 2024

Thurrock swimmers storm the lakes!

THURROCK Swimming Club had six swimmers attend this years Storm the Lakes competition. There were a variety of distances swimmers took part in from 250m – 7500m. It was an opportunity for young TSC swimmers to experience open water swimming as well as experienced swimmers.

Kerry-Ann Wilkins finished 1st in a gruelling 7500m swim. She was neck and neck with the male leader all of the way but at the end he beat her by 1 second. However, a fantastic swim by Kerry.

Ivan Ijomoni, swimming in his first open water race swam brilliantly, finishing 1st in the 500m swim. In the 250m event, both Sarah Quartermaine and Isabella Da Silva had great swims, finishing 1st and 2nd respectively. This was their first swim in an open water event.

In the 750m event Zak Walker and Nicholas Mitroi competed in their first event. Both swam exceptionally well with Nicholas finishing 1st and Zak 2nd.

In the same event, Lilyana Verlander swam a tough race to finish 3rd in her age group. What was impressive was that she finished just behind a girl who made the British Championships.


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