Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Shock survey reveals one in six children face unwanted sexual harassment in public from the age of 10

A MAJOR new survey and report, commissioned by the charity Crimestoppers, has shed light on general attitudes to sexual harassment and the age at which victims are targeted.

Of those that responded, around one in six people who answered said their first experience of sexual harassment in a public place happened when they were aged just 10 or even younger

Whilst 1,800 people participated in the survey, none of the questions were mandatory. This means that respondent numbers per question are lower than overall participant numbers. Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, the University recommended using optional questions to encourage more people to take part.

Key findings are:

  • Around one in six participants’ (16.8%) first experience occurred when they were aged 10 or younger (3.7% aged 0-5, 13.1% aged 6-10) 
  • 30.9% of participants first encountered unwanted sexual behaviour between the ages of 14-16 
  • Almost the same percentage (29%) first experienced unwanted approaches between 11-13 years

These shocking findings demonstrate that the majority encountered sexual harassment for the first time during adolescence or childhood. Shockingly, the survey also found that 10% of women said they had been raped with 23% saying they had been `forced’ to have sex

The report, by the University of Suffolk and commissioned by Crimestoppers, follows the impact of the #MeToo movement against sexual abuse and harassment. Crimestoppers has also launched a national campaign today to challenge attitudes and encourage reporting on those responsible.


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