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Kinds Inspire: Together we can help our young people to heal

A DEVASTATING youth mental health crisis is happening all around us. However, the systems – the responsible adults, the schools or the community groups and volunteers, can learn skills to make a lasting difference, says trauma informed children’s charity, Kids Inspire. 

Kids Inspire centres it’s services on improving youth mental health and in a bid to shift the landscape, alongside its bespoke trauma-informed therapy, the charity offers tools to empower key people (the systems around a child) to help. 

14-year-old, Joseph – an expert by experience – recently shared: “It’s easier for young people to open up to someone they are not familiar with. It’s easier to open up as you have a sense of freedom and less fear of judgment.”

In recognition of the ‘power of the systems’ that make up a child’s world, Kids Inspire delivers an online training (funded by the National Lottery), entitled ‘Understanding and Supporting Children and Young People Impacted by Trauma’. It’s for anyone who supports young people, as well as for the family that surrounds them.

CEO and Clinical Director, Sue Bell OBE, describes the training as: “accessible to everyone, no prior knowledge is needed.  This course provides an introduction to mental health and trauma informed practice, which is where we ask, ‘What has happened to you?’ rather than ‘what is wrong with you?’  The tools of stabilisation are shared alongside a basic understanding of the traumatised brain, the theory of attachment and interventions that support recovery.”

Beverley Swan has been gifting her time as a volunteer to young people for four years now, she has completed Kids Inspire’s trauma informed training following retirement as an Assistant Head of a large secondary school. Every week, Beverley works closely with young people in a voluntary capacity within her community, she said: “In all my work, I have been aware of the primary need for young people to feel safe, secure and supported in order to maximise their chances of thriving emotionally, socially and educationally. Busy lives and financial pressures on families and governments means there are times when there is a shortfall.”

“I have found volunteering with young people personally very rewarding. Chatting to them, listening to their stories, and hearing about life today for their generation is illuminating. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always a time to look forward to and learn from.”

Kids Inspire is hosting its next online ‘Understanding and Supporting Children and Young People Impacted by trauma’ on Tuesday 7 February, during Children’s Mental Health Awareness week – 6 to 12 February 2023.

For more information on this story, or to talk to someone featured, please contact emily@kidsinspire.org.uk or call her on 01245 348707.


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