Saturday, April 13, 2024

Hempe now available at Lakeside

A RECENT BBC survey showed that 1 in 4 UK adults are living with chronic pain. The London School of Economics (LSE), has also reported that the UK has ‘the highest consumption rate of prescription opioids for pain management per capita in the world’. Hempe take the very best natural ingredients for pain relief, and combine them, with CBD to create a range of powerful topical products that provide fast acting, effective relief for sore muscles and joints.

Why choose Hempe?
Hempe products have been uniquely developed by scientists who have decades of experience in product formulation and have world class expertise in product R&D. Healthcare International Research, (the company behind Hempe) have had their products formulated by some of the best analytical chemists in the world. After isolating the different cannabinoids, they are put through robotic in vitro testing. The most effective delivery system is then chosen that will ensure optimum absorption of the cannabinoids by the body and finally any necessary stability tests are carried out.

Our wide range of natural precision CBD products are:
Derived from an EU certified industrial hemp variety.
Cultivated without using herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and is non-GMO.
Is non-psychoactive, safe, nonaddictive and non-toxic.
Manufactured in the EU in GMP compliant facilities.
Developed by leading experts in the Czech Republic.

Our Natural Hempe product range is:

100% Non-psychoactive
THC free
Sulphate free
Preservative free
Paraben free
Petroleum free
Not tested on animals


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