Sunday, June 16, 2024

Thurrock Labour leader slams Tory budget proposals

THURROCK Council’s Labour Group Leader has reacted to the Conservative cabinet’s budget proposals, which have been published today.

Cllr Kent said,

“The recommendation to increase Council Tax by 10% is a slap in the face for residents and shows that Thurrock Tories are not on the side of local people.

“I have been very clear that Thurrock Labour will not support any increase in Council Tax above 5% without a local referendum and nothing in these budget proposals has changed my mind.

 “Even now, I hope the Tory cabinet will veto this proposal and, if they don’t, there will be enough community minded Conservative councillors prepared to do the right thing and vote against such a massive hike when we get to the budget setting council meeting.”

As well as a 10% Council Tax hike, there are over £8 million of savings proposals including; cutting school crossing controls, reducing street lighting after midnight, stop subsidising three bus routes, cutting grants to community groups and banning vans from the Linford Tip.

Cllr Kent added;

“The impact of the Tories bankrupting our council is becoming clear. We will all be paying much more and getting much less in return for years to come.”


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