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Petition launched to stop dangerous car cruisers in West Thurrock

RESIDENTS of a Thurrock estate have launched a petition calling for the council to do more to end the blight of car cruisers before they cause a fatality.

Residents of the West Thurrock Renovo Estate have called for action after months of anti-social behaviour and car cruising blighting their lives.

Cars are not only regular racing each other causing loud noise and safety concerns for those on the roads and footpaths, the cars have also taken to racing residents coming home from work and shopping.

Long-suffering residents have called for urgent action and an improved and visible deterrent to anti-social behaviour and car cruising.

Resident Aaron Green, attended Thurrock’s full council meeting present the petition and to demand the council does more to stop the antisocial behaviour by helping to enforce a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

Speaking at the meeting on Wednesday, Mr Green said: “Residents are now scared to leave and return to their homes due to the stress of turning up in the middle of an event.

“This is an ongoing issue with the help of councillor Watson there has been movement with meetings with councillors and police but the cruising continues.”

Mr Green added: “Residents need to feel safe in their community and in their homes. If nothing is done residents are concerned of a possibility of seeing a fatality on their doorstep.

Residents need this to come to an end. Thurrock Council needs to enforce the PSPO.”
In response, Ben Maney, councillor responsible for transport and public safety, said: “The chamber has debated this issue. I don’t think there is much more to say on it other than the council is exploring all options.

“In terms of enforcing the PSPO, I think that’s a job for the police. I wish we could enforce criminal law but we can’t. “

Mr Maney added: “There’s no more to say other than we are exploring all options. If there is a realistic option we can support to stop the car cruising then we will. It is a partnership effort not something the council can do on its own.”


  1. People will be happy if they know more about what progress the council made with the partnership efforts.


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